Our Mission Statement

Service – Happiness & Wellbeing – Hope

Reach out to help change and improve people’s lives, increasing their happiness and wellbeing through social inclusion through the art of music in all its forms, Giving people hope through our community concerts.


The following values are core to the organisations success and help accomplish its mission.

Caring about Quality

By creating the feeling of wellbeing, people will feel happier, increasing their health and confidence, making them more socially active within the community, thereby removing social isolation within the wider community and stoping them feeling vulnerable within society. Success will be measured by actual outcomes and not just by processes performed or money spent.


Good stewardship is fundamental to the way we conduct business.  Human, technical, and financial resources are organised to ensure that service outcomes are achieved with the least amount of input or output.

Community Input

We will encourage public review and participation.  Services are designed with the public in mind and, therefore, are accessible and provided in a timely manner.  We will be flexible and responsive to changes in our social, economic, and public environments when booking community concerts.


We are sensitive to the needs of all in providing services.  People are provided services in the spirit of assisting groups or charities and serving the broader public interest.  Cooperative relationships with other groups, charities, nonprofit and business sectors will be fostered.  Employees are respected and will be encouraged to be innovative.

Ethical Workforce

Our volunteers are our strength.  Volunteers recognise that they are entrusted to provide public services and will conduct business in a responsive and professional manner that fosters public confidence.